Yard Drainage Solutions: Grading Topsoil to Sprinkler Repair, Boise, ID

Drainage expert in Boise Idaho
Drainage expert in Boise Idaho
Idaho Drainage Solutions is a small drainage contracting business in the Treasure Valley. Here in Idaho, we have fairly volatile weather and often unpredictable amounts of water--rain and snow. These conditions require us to take extra steps to eliminate poor drainage in our yards so that we can prevent flooded basements and all kinds of costly drainage problems. Idaho Drainage Solutions has spent the last 25 years doing this work and becoming landscape drainage experts.

Drain, Irrigation, Sprinkler Installation and Repair Services

When you look out your back window, do you ever think to yourself, "My backyard floods. Is it supposed to flood? Does the neighbor's yard flood?" While some minor, brief flooding across a lawn is pretty common, a constantly sopping wet backyard is definitely damaging your yard and possibly threatening your home drainage.

Landscape drainage systems are as important for keeping the inside of your home dry as they are for outside. These systems can equally prevent a flooded yard, garden, basement, or crawl space.
Some elements that might be incorporated into backyard drainage solutions include:
  • Channel drain installation, also called trench drains. Channel drains are used:
    • In front of your garage.
    • As a driveway trench drain.
    • As storm drains.
  • Downspout installation.
  • Sprinkler system maintenance and repair, including underground sprinkler pipe.
  • Irrigation pipe and pump repair.
  • French drains. (Also sometimes used as interior french drains.)
  • Swimming pool drainage channels.
  • Storm drain channels.
If you have questions about the best flooding yard solutions for your property or types of drainage systems for yards, we will come to you for a free assessment. Just call 208-803-8828 to make a request.
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Whether you're in Nampa, Boise, Eagle, or Meridian, ID, Idaho Drainage Solutions is here to help. We want to help protect the investment you've made in your home, whether we were involved with the drainage solution design from the start or we helped with drain repair services after a leak or flood has already happened. Regardless, we're here to make sure your home and outdoor drainage systems work together to keep your house and yard safe and dry. We'd love to hear from you: 208-803-8828.

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